Photo exhibitions

The restaurant "La Granja del Colca" is surrounded by huge fields. Its buildings are clean and green, is meant to cater to domestic and foreign visitors with camping, food and beverage quality.

Places of entertainment with spectacular viewpoints.
Guided walking circuits short, full emotion.
Horseback riding (ponies only in the Colca)
Care services food and drink in cozy rooms, rooms or terraces overlooking the canyon. We have national and international cuisine at the farm and produce our own organic inputs of meat and vegetables.
Facing the tourist.
Telephone communication satellite nationwide and abroad.
Attention clean and comfortable restrooms for men, women and the disabled.
Experience in the ceremony of offering to the earth, made ​​by an authentic shaman hut.
Selling crafts.
You can practice experiential tourism. For example attending farming technologies which remain ancestral Incas, planting, harvesting, etc..