LA GRANJA DEL COLCA recreational complex is located in the Colca Canyon, in the district of Cabanaconde, department of Arequipa, close and less than 5 minutes from the viewpoint of Cruz del Condor.

FROM Arequipa

Taking the paved road linking the town of Chivay, according to the viewpoint of La Cruz del Condor and from there to the site of the PARTITION (Km 9 of the road leading to Cabanaconde). De la Cruz del Condor to the partition is less than 2 km and less than 5 minutes time. Since the installation partition is visible country restaurant. Is identified by a huge windmill. To access from the partition there is a dirt road about 1.2 km which takes you to FARM facilities where there is a private parking area for vehicles of visitors. Its things like backpacks, suitcases or briefcases can place them in the custody of the farm.


Buses and vehicles departing Cabanaconde district, follow the paved road to Cruz del Condor. Should be advised to get off at the whereabouts of CROSSING. And continue about 700m. walk the walk takes about 20 minutes. If coordinates ahead can wait Restaurant mobility.